Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shame on Me!

I know, it's been a LONG time. I have lots of excuses though. School ended, Brandon graduated, we partied, summer semester of grad school started and we just got lazy!
We didnt do a lot this summer, I took three classes, we did take a trip to Atlanta to the Aquarium and the Zoo. Matthew LOVED it!
We have all gone back to work and school. Brooke is in 6th grade and is loving it and Matthew is back at Peace Lutheran. It took him a day or two to warm back up, but Monday night he asked me if I would get the "Army Barbies" (GI Joes) down if he didnt cry. Daddy even managed to take him this morning without incident...(can't say the same for Baby though!)
I have a small class again this year and I love it. I am able to do so much more with them when there are just a few. It helps my need for art projects much more manageable!

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I have been married to Brian for 17 years and we have 3 children, Brandon 21, Brooke 14 and Matthew 6. (Yeah, we know how to spread them out!) I teach third grade, love my Cricut and am addicted to Pinterest!