Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lot of Catching Up To Do!

Well, since August we have celebrated 3 birthdays, Christmas and bought a new house. Been a little busy.....
Brooke's birthday was pretty low key. She was in Perry on her actual birthday, then we celebrated later that weekend.
Matthew had a pirate party for his birthday. Poor child had not even played with his Christmas toys then it was time for his birthday!
And just a couple of days before Christmas, we signed a contract on a new house! So in the midst of everything, we are packing up 15 years worth of stuff to move!!! And grad school started back as well.
We are set to close on January 3oth (fingers crossed!)
Matthew is having dental surgery this Friday. He has no enamel on his teeth so they are falling apart. And this summer he bit into a pecan and broke his front tooth off. Luke put a cap on it and then the tooth up under it died so he has a nice black tooth in the front now.
Look for lots of before and after pictures soon!

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