Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lego Table

It's no secret that I am a Pintrest addict.   So when I came across a DIY Lego table, I was intrigued!

With Matthew's birthday only five days after Christmas, we are always struggling with what to get him.  He still hasn't played with everything that he got for Christmas!  We decided that he didnt need any more toys, so we thought the Lego table was perfect!

My brother lives in Atlanta, so he went it Ikea for me.  (I love you Bradford!)  (He hates Ikea!)  I got just a red LACK table.  It took Brian five minutes to put it together.  (Sorry no during pictures, we had put Matthew to bed upstairs and thought that he was asleep.  When we heard him running down the hall and headed to the stairs, I took off running and Brian went reaching for a blanket to cover the table up!)

We bought base plates at Toys R Us when they were Buy One Get One Half Off.  We used four of them.  We marked where the center was and traced around the edges.  Then he used cilicone on the back and we put books on top overnight!  Early the next morning, he hid it in the laundry room.  Just after lunch, Matthew comes running up to us screaming, "Mama, Daddy, there is a Lego table in the laundry room!"  So much for being a secret!!!

Thanks to my mom and dad for the John Deere Legos!  It took us 2 days to put everything together!!!

Camo Cupcakes

Today was Matthew's sixth birthday.  We celebrated with a camo party.  I saw on Pinterest several months ago where someone made camo cupcakes and I thought, hey I can do that!

I mixed up a regular yellow cake mix and divided my mix into 4 bowls.  I used the gel coloring from Americolor.  I was very pleased with how the colors turned out.  I used forest green, black, chocolate brown, then just a tiny drop of chocolate brown for the tan. 

     We dipped spoonfulls into the cupcake liners rotating it until we thought that it looked good. 

                                                                   See my helper??

  Here is what they look like after they are done!

                I used the forest green food coloring to make the icing.  It's just plain buttercream.
They were a hit! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Has Officially Begun!

Today was our first day at home with just me and the kids.  And of course it rained.  ALL day!  Matthew and I ran some errands and then Talon came over to play.  It was nice not to have him underfoot for a little while - but they made up for it by destroying his room!  They had a war they said! 

I am taking my last 3 classes for graduate school.  I will be so glad when it's done! 

Poor Brooke is already bored.  Like she has nothing to entertain her here!!!

We have a couple of VBS's soon and we will see what else the summer will hold for us!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing Catchup

A LOT has happened in the last few weeks.  Spring semester ended and now Summer has begun.  This is my LAST semester of graduate school!!!!!!!! 

But most exciting is that I found out that I am going to be an AUNT!  After many years of praying and hoping and wishing for my sister, she found out last week.  I am beyond excited!

I registered Matthew for Kindergarten, Brooke will be in 7th grade, and Brandon will be 20 on Saturday.  I AM OLD!

I hope to have one more announcement in a week or so, the anticipation is killing me.  And no, I am NOT pregnant. 

The house is going great.  We LOVE it here.  We have so much more room and the kids seem really happy.

2012 is our year.  Some things really are worth the wait.  I asked someone the other day what you do when all of your prayers are answered??  She told me to get down on my knees and thank the Lord! 

Friday, February 3, 2012


Well, we are here! Brian moved some furniture today and then we went back tonight and got the couch and loveseat. We can officially sleep here tonight! (And we also have phone and internet!!!)

Last night was bittersweet as it was the last night in the house where we have been for so long! That was the house where we spent the first 15 years together and where we brought our babies home to! If I think about it too much, I may cry!

However, this house has so much more room and we are not all on top of each other. We just need to get the rest of the kids furniture and some junk and that's it! I pretty much have the kitchen done except for a few odds and ends. We even have food over here!!!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us move. We couldnt have done it without you. If I can find the camera, I will take some pictures. the laundry room was a disaster. Those 3M hooks were on the wall and when we took them off, they pulled the paper off of the sheetrock. Brian spackled and sanded and painted and it looks fabulous!!

He is finishing the water heater now so we will have hot water for in the morning. I DO NOT like cold showers!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


As if we didn't have enough going on, Matthew had dental surgery this past Friday. And when I say surgery, I mean surgery. He had to check into the hospital, be put to sleep and he is now a snaggletooth!

We didn't have to be there until 11:30 which meant he could not eat anything before we left. He actually did really well. They gave him the drug that was supposed to make him "relax", and it did, for a few minutes. It also made him wild!!! The kid next door laid in his bed under the covers and watched tv. Not Matthew! He bounced on the bed, played with the semi that mom and dad brought him and was WILD! I finally put him in the wagon and rode him up the hall for a few minutes. Luckily, we had lots of company to entertain him.

After surgery, they called to say that he was in recovery. It wasn't even ten minutes later they had to come back and get me to come sit with him in recovery because he was hysterical. He tried to pull out his iv and was kicking anyone who tried to touch him. They got us out of there pretty quick!

We got home and he slept for about 30 minutes, then he was starving! He ate two things of green jello and then threw it up all over me. He threw up two more times but it didnt even phase him. He would throw up then be asking for something to eat right after!

We close on the house tomorrow at 11! I have my to-do list all ready of what needs to be done first! We are excited!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lot of Catching Up To Do!

Well, since August we have celebrated 3 birthdays, Christmas and bought a new house. Been a little busy.....
Brooke's birthday was pretty low key. She was in Perry on her actual birthday, then we celebrated later that weekend.
Matthew had a pirate party for his birthday. Poor child had not even played with his Christmas toys then it was time for his birthday!
And just a couple of days before Christmas, we signed a contract on a new house! So in the midst of everything, we are packing up 15 years worth of stuff to move!!! And grad school started back as well.
We are set to close on January 3oth (fingers crossed!)
Matthew is having dental surgery this Friday. He has no enamel on his teeth so they are falling apart. And this summer he bit into a pecan and broke his front tooth off. Luke put a cap on it and then the tooth up under it died so he has a nice black tooth in the front now.
Look for lots of before and after pictures soon!

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