Sunday, December 30, 2012

Camo Cupcakes

Today was Matthew's sixth birthday.  We celebrated with a camo party.  I saw on Pinterest several months ago where someone made camo cupcakes and I thought, hey I can do that!

I mixed up a regular yellow cake mix and divided my mix into 4 bowls.  I used the gel coloring from Americolor.  I was very pleased with how the colors turned out.  I used forest green, black, chocolate brown, then just a tiny drop of chocolate brown for the tan. 

     We dipped spoonfulls into the cupcake liners rotating it until we thought that it looked good. 

                                                                   See my helper??

  Here is what they look like after they are done!

                I used the forest green food coloring to make the icing.  It's just plain buttercream.
They were a hit! 

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