Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lego Table

It's no secret that I am a Pintrest addict.   So when I came across a DIY Lego table, I was intrigued!

With Matthew's birthday only five days after Christmas, we are always struggling with what to get him.  He still hasn't played with everything that he got for Christmas!  We decided that he didnt need any more toys, so we thought the Lego table was perfect!

My brother lives in Atlanta, so he went it Ikea for me.  (I love you Bradford!)  (He hates Ikea!)  I got just a red LACK table.  It took Brian five minutes to put it together.  (Sorry no during pictures, we had put Matthew to bed upstairs and thought that he was asleep.  When we heard him running down the hall and headed to the stairs, I took off running and Brian went reaching for a blanket to cover the table up!)

We bought base plates at Toys R Us when they were Buy One Get One Half Off.  We used four of them.  We marked where the center was and traced around the edges.  Then he used cilicone on the back and we put books on top overnight!  Early the next morning, he hid it in the laundry room.  Just after lunch, Matthew comes running up to us screaming, "Mama, Daddy, there is a Lego table in the laundry room!"  So much for being a secret!!!

Thanks to my mom and dad for the John Deere Legos!  It took us 2 days to put everything together!!!

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